De MonsterDebugger is an open source debugger for Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR. De MonsterDebugger is made in Flex and AIR by design studio De Monsters.

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Live editing will hopefully make your life a whole lot easier. We're sure you know those days where you are finetuning an application, going back and forth from your application to your source code. Moving objects around by a couple of pixels, to get the right feel. This can be a very annoying process as you are waiting for your code to compile. With De MonsterDebugger this belongs to the past as you can change any public properties of any object and see the results straight away in the running application.

As long as the parameter is of one of the following types: String, Number, int, uint or Boolean you can change it using De MonsterDebugger.


Download MonsterDebugger version 2.5.1 (examples included)

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