Monster Debugger the game

Don't you get annoyed sometimes when you have to go through yet another boring tutorial just to be able to use a new tool? We do! So we decided to do go about this a little differently, by creating a serious game that you have to hack with the Monster Debugger in order to finish the game. There are six levels in which you have to use different tools in the Monster Debugger to help the little Monster through the mazes of monstercaves.
Just make sure you have Adobe AIR and the Monster Debugger installed before you start.

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Download Monster Debugger the Game

Play Monster Debugger the Game everywhere you go without using this website by installing the following files:

  1. Install Adobe AIR, you'll need it to install the Monster Debugger and the Game.
  2. Install the Monster Debugger, it's the only way you'll be able to win.
  3. Install the Monster Debugger Game and kill bugs like a Monster!

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