Monster Debugger 3 is here!

In 2008 we decided to give something back to the Adobe Flash community by open sourcing our Flash debugger: the Monster Debugger. Since this first version we've been adding features requested by the community, features fully written by the same community and of course features we need for our own projects. Now it's time for something better.

We are proud to give you Monster Debugger 3, an open source debugger for Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR for desktop, the web and mobile devices.

And as a bonus we also created an official game for the Monster Debugger, which is not just fun to play but also serves as a walkthrough for the debugger.

Monster Debugger the game

Hack the game to finish it!

Will you help the little Monster by manipulating his Monster world with the Monster Debugger? Guide the Monster through a series of monster caves in the official Monster Debugger Game. Along the way you will use some of the main features of the Monster Debugger. Playing a game beats a boring tutorial if you ask us!

Monstrous debugging features

Take a tour and see all the features.

From just being able to log messages in version 1, you now have: elaborate traces, live editing of public properties, a full application tree, execute methods at runtime, mobile debugging, breakpoint support, visual snapshots and even a neat highlight & inspect function. Check out the tour to get some background information for all these functions.

De Monsters

Monster Debugger is created by Digital Creative Agency De Monsters from Amsterdam. Next to creating this debugger we work for different clients and create Monster Blackbox which is workflow management software for the creative industry.

More about us monsters at or talk to us at

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