5. Debugging on a mobile device

From version 3 of the Monster Debugger and upwards, you are also able to connect the Monster Debugger to an Adobe AIR application that runs on your mobile device. The Monster Debugger uses a zero configuration setup so you'll be able to connect your mobile device to the debugger without any hassle. The only two things you need are:

  1. A WIFI connection between your mobile device and your computer (a WIFI router setup will also work like charm).
  2. The Monster Debugger mobile client SWC file. You can export this SWC file straight from the file menu in the application or via the home tab.

WIFI setup

The mobile client SWC file links to your project just like the regular client file and has the exact same features as the regular client. The only difference lies in the fact that is uses a P2P NetGroup to find the Monster Debugger over your network. This generic connection also means that you can use the same client file and test your application within the Adobe AIR Debug Launcher (ADL), the Android Emulator and live on your mobile device without the need to change your configuration.

If you come across any difficulties linking the client SWC to your Flash project please let us know about it on our GetSatisfaction site so we can try to help you.

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